Blu Ridge Sea To Shining Sea "Ally"
(GCh. Blu Ridge Make Way x Ch. Southland's Alexandria)
Co- Bred with Suzy Royds

CCA '16 4th Place 6-9 Sable & White

Mild CRC, PRA Clear, DMS Low Risk

    Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight
  GCH. Blu Ridge Let It Ride  
GCh. Blu Ridge Make Way, CCA '15 AOM, CCA '13 BOB, '12 WD
  Kimegan To Blu Ridge
  Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight
  Ch. Blu Ridge Ride The Waves, ROM  
    CH Southland's Confederate Sky, ROM
    Ch. Southland's The Cooper River
  Ch. Southland's Lexington  
Ch. Southland's Alexandria

  Ch. Southland's Derby Day
  Ch. Tapestry Traditions In Thyme
  Oak Valley Tapestry Intrigue  
    Tapestry Serendipity