Blu Ridge Typeface "Momoka"
(BISS Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight "Darin" x Blu Ridge Illusion "Sydney"
Owned by Yumiko Yoshida of Shine Luck Collies

Ch. Countryview Tonight's The Night, BOS CCA '01
Ch. Sealore Just One Night
Sire Delareina's Design Ofa Decade
Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight
Ch. Countryview Monumental sire of
Starr's Candle In The Wind
Tartanside Tantalize
Ch Corjalin's The Whitelighter
CCA Smooth WD'05
Ch. Headline's Soldier of Light
Dam Ch Hollyoak In Th'Face of Danger, ROM CCA Smooth BOV '08
Blu Ridge Illusion
Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight
Ch. Blu Ridge Hanover Just Say Yes, littermate to Lookout & Ride the Waves
CH Southland's Confederate Sky,
WB CCA '03