Ch. Countryview Monumental 1993-2006

In 1995 we purchased our beautiful "Ricky" - Countryview Monumental. (Ch. Starr's Tailor-Made x Countryview Starr Search) Bred by Dan Cardoza & Pam Durazzano. After obtaining his CGC and TDI titles we went on to show him in conformation. "Ricky" earned his Championship in 1998. When we think of the perfect collie, we will always think of Ricky. He exemplified the standard with his light head, beautiful arc of neck, flowing movement and an expression that would make you melt. He was as majestic to us as the Blue Ridge Mountains.

"Ricky" trained us on how the standard should be read and is a major influence on our breeding program today. "Ricky" left us at the age of 13 1/2 in April 2006 and will always be missed.

Ch. Countryview Monumental "Ricky"

Ch. Countryview Monumental, CGC, TDI
Ch. Starr's Tailor-Made, ROM x Countryview Starr Search
Sire of CCA '99 BOB & BOS

"Ricky's" top accomplishments were producing the beautiful Ch. Evergreen Caprice Classic, Best of Breed Collie Club of America '99 National. Bred by Louise Cote, Caprice Collies & Jan Wanamaker of Candray Collies. She is owned by Andria Sobczak, Evergreen Collies.

Ricky also sired Ch. Starr's Cracker Jack, Best of Oppostie Sex at the Collie Club of America National in 1999. "Jack" was bred and owned by Pam & Louie Durazzano of Starr's Collies.

You can see "Ricky's" influence through such kennels as Sealore, Galatean, Kimberee, LoriMar, Tavern Hill, Avalon, Conowago, and Evergreen.

Photos by Gulie Krook
Ch. Applause Parader Persuasion
Ch. Sealore Grand Applause, ROM
Sire Starr's Dark Crystal, ROM
Ch. Starr's Tailor-Made, ROM
Ch. Cityview Advantage
Ch. Starr's Painted On Jeans
Ch. Starr's Blue Jeans
Ch. Tartanside Heir Apparent, ROM
Ch. Tartanside Th' Critics Choice, ROM
Dam Ch. Briarhill Midnight High
Countryview Starr Search
Ch. Tartanside Heir Apparent, ROM
Starr's Dark Crystal, ROM
Ch. Starr's Blue Jeans