Ch. Blu Ridge Triumph Brighter Than The Sun "Rinko"
(Ch. Sealore's Shore Leave x Ch. Blu Ridge Ride The Waves)
Whelped 4/26/2013
Owned by Elaine Goto and Tomie Goto

    Ch. Twin City The Great Divide
    Ch. Countryview Tonights
The Night
  Ch. Sealore's Just One Night   Ch. Countryview Colorful, ROM
    Calavar Colorific
Ch. Sealore's Shore Leave
  Delareina's Design Ofadecade  
    Delareina's Renegades Escapade
    Ch. Countryview Tonights The
  Countryview Trade Secrets  
  Ch. Sealore's Makin' Waves   Ch. Countryview Diamond Jubilee
    Ch. Blu Ridge Sealore Undercover
    Ch. Sealore's Seduction  
      Sealore's Fall Festival
      Ch. Countryview Tonight's The
    Ch. Sealore's Just One Night  
  Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight   Delareina's Design Ofadecade
    Ch. Countryview Monumental
Ch. Blu Ridge Ride
The Waves, ROM

  Starr's Candle In The Wind  
    Tartanside Tantalize
    Ch. Tartanside Raptorvale Rebel
  Ch. Southland's Rebel Of Glory  
  CH Southland's Confederate
Sky, ROM
  Raptorvale Glory O'Southland
    Southland's Roguish Rhett
    Ch. Southland Confederate Clouds  
      Ch. Tartanside Sophistication

Blu Ridge Congratulates Elaine Goto & puppy girl BLU RIDGE TRIUMPH BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN
for RWB & WB at her first shows at Collie Club of Northern CA!
Rinko received another major reserve and Best Puppy under Lee Runnels and she was Best In Sweeps today
and 2nd place sweeps finalist yesterday!
2/27/14 Rinko receives WB under Jackie Caruso for another 2 points!