Ch. Blu Ridge Lookout x Ch. Twin City Breath Of Heaven born 3/1/09

Blue Male 1 Blue Male 2 Tri Girl 1
Tri Girl 2 Tri Girl 3 Tri Girl 4

Ch. Sealore Just One Night
Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight
Sire Starr's Candle In The Wind
Ch. Blu Ridge Lookout
Ch. Southland's Rebel Of Glory
CH Southland's Confederate Sky
Ch. Southland Confederate Clouds
Ch. Southland's Confederate Gray
Ch. Southland's Bowen Island, ROM
Dam Ch. Southland's Glorious Rebelle
Ch. Twin City Breath of Heaven
Ch. Twin City The Great Divide, ROM
Ch. Twin City In Living Color
Ch. Countryview Colorful, ROM